During my architecture studies I used all of my time to travel with my old T2 Volkswagen Van. My way always lead me directly to the sea – always attracted by the waves for surfing. I loved that way of traveling. Always close to nature, meet new interesting people and the possibility of continuing the journey to interesting places whenever I wanted. I found places I never thought I could find; I found new friends with same interests I never thought I could get to know. Waking up early in the morning, open the door of my van and look at the beautiful sea while the sun is rising. Living close to the people with the same passion and interests. That´s incredible. Especially that I always could share all these moments and experiences with my girlfriend. Most of the time we travelled together thanks to our common passion of traveling, living in a van and surfing.


While traveling I really realized what I want and what I need while traveling. You don´t need much to be happy. Back in university my desire to go back to the sea with my camper increased constantly. My only way out was to combine my love for traveling and the creativity of my architecture studies so that I wrote my final thesis about „Camping –Homes on the move“. In the end the result has been a design of a demountable camper for dropside vans. The concept is only equipped with the most important items that are necessary for travel. It follows the principle of the swiss army knife: reducing tools to the essential elements while providing all necessary functions.

After finishing my final thesis many people asked me if I would build that design and if I would like to travel with that wheeled accommodation. Others were that enthusiastic that they directly said: ”I would like to travel with that car as well!” Well, it was clear to put that project to practice. Because of the positive feedback and the deep interest, the idea of realising the camper came into being.
But before building and developing the camper our desire to go back to the sea with the van became that strong, that we needed to travel some months through Portugal, Spain and France.

Back home I started to develop and build the idea of the Kaloha Camper. After many ups and downs, I finally finished it but in the end the possibility of a implementation of a production series is not certain. For now I cannot start a production series but I have no doubts of the idea and the design of the camper. That is why it is up to test the camper on the road now. Me and my girlfriend are going to travel once again for some months to push ahead with the project.
In the end we are not sure where this idea and adventure will lead us…

Happy travel!
Philipp & Marlena

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    Is your thesis „Camping –Homes on the move“ available for download? I’d like to read it.

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