Due to our numerous journeys with our old T2 Volkswagen van we figured out what we need and want while traveling and what is just some kind of unnecessary luxury. That’s how my final thesis „Camping - Homes on the move“ came into being. The aim was to create something different to the same looking and overfilled equipped camper vans. It should promote the proximity to nature as well as the simple life on the road.

In the end the result has been a demountable camper for dropside vans. The concept is only equipped with the most important items that are necessary for travel. It follows the principle of a swiss army knife: reducing tools to the essential elements while providing all necessary functions.

The main idea of the design was inspired by the historic alcoves. They originally consisted of a small bed recess in an isolated room for more privacy. In a revised and camping adapted way, the camper follows this principles. But the ´camping-alcove´ is not limited to the sleeping function only – according to the ´principle of penknife´- it offers storage room for the luggage and cooking and relaxing options as well. Therefore the camper is a multifunctional room.

With the caracteristic flaps it´s possible to generate the proximity to nature. As main element the convertibility is visible through the flaps located at the side and the rear. They are the elements that convert the interior to an outside part. The rear flap makes it possible to set up a kitchen containing a gas cooker, a cooler, and a bowl with a canister of water. It is possible to use the car’s back flap as work surface. The whole construction makes cooking in nature possible.

The other flaps correspond to the function of an awning or rain protection. With their help, you can stay and live outside even though there is strong sun or little rain. Should the weather conditions forbid living, eating, and cooking outside, it is no problem to do this in the interior thanks to an integrated folding table.

In the end designing the camper was just the beginning of an great adventure….

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  • Reply Noah 8. Mai 2017 at 19:52

    I like it! Here in the Western US many people have flatbed trucks this would work great with. How is it demountable? Does it have jacks?

  • Reply Kaloha Camper 9. Mai 2017 at 16:49

    At the moment there aren’t any jacks but we thought about it as well. That time we put it on the car with some people for testing it. The whole cabin is fixed with some screws on the undercarriage which you could loosen without problems.

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