Traveling is a Journey: Going away from home and being in new places for a certain time. The reasons for traveling are diverse but in the first place, traveling is about freedom, fun, excitement and new experiences. It is a leisure activity.

The majority of today´s travelers hold the opinion that the available time for their trip should not be reduced by covering long distances to arrive at the desired destination. A typical, obvious possibility is taking a plane. After boarding it takes a comparatively short time to arrive at another place but without experiencing the distance between place of departure and destination.

Supposedly, already Goethe said that you are not traveling for arriving but for traveling. While traveling by car, or in former times by carriage, the transition of the landscape can be grasped at first hand. The fluid change of landscapes, people, and cultures makes the distance to your home more comprehensible. You reach places of whose existence you did not know before – places that you did not consider worth seeing but then make you wish to stay for long time.

The idea of a accommodation on wheels was developed in the late 19th century. The individual’s free choice of time, duration, and place during the journey offers the possibility to spend the night wherever, whenever, and however you want. But nowadays, the initial simplicity of mobile homes tends to change to the opposite. Luxury such as television, which in the past was restricted to permanent accommodations, are now available. Subsequently, the essential idea of an adventurous journey could change rapidly into a date with your television set. Keeping luxury amenities to a minimum protects the special character of your journey – the holiday experience is mostly created by an atmospheric connection between relaxation, freedom, and nature.

While you choose a specific spot for setting up your mobile home, a genuine relation to this place can only be achieved through a change of perception. Means of comfort have to be reduced to the essential order to enjoy camping as a true outdoor experience again.

And there is no problem to get going again. You just continue traveling until another place invites you to stay – the next place you like. If finding a new place takes a long time you simply take a break and drive on the next day and keep loving the ride.


After my final thesis „Camping –Homes on the move“ and our journey I couldn´t wait no longer to start building and developing the Kaloha Camper. But the first questions has been: where could I build the camper? And which material would be appropriate to build the camper? Wood normally is more or less heavy and a dropside van just has a certain loading capacity. Because of a happenstance I was able to win a carpenter for my project. With his…

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Due to our numerous journeys with our old T2 Volkswagen van we figured out what we need and want while traveling and what is just some kind of unnecessary luxury. That’s how my final thesis „Camping - Homes on the move“ came into being. The aim was to create something different to the same looking and overfilled equipped camper vans. It should promote the proximity to nature as well as the simple life on the road.…

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