After 112 days on the road, 9063 driven kilometres, three wonderful countries where we got to know many new friends and met many old friends we are back at home again with countless memories. We always lived close to the sea with the world as our garden. We surfed whenever it was possible. We lived together with hippies. We camped inbetween pensioners and we discovered new beautiful places.

During our whole journey we tried not to think about the moment when we would come back home, come back to old habits, come back to work, come back to german bureaucracy. We always lived the moment but in the end the day of our return became more and more present.

Now we are back. We have to master our working day and it is alarming how fast you are back in your old life – but with some difference. What we´ve learned during our time on the road is that working stress should not determine our life and that there are some things in life that happen and we just have to take it as it is. We became more relaxed.
All our great memories and experiences directly effect our life back in Germany now.

Nevertheless, after five days home, our flat was fully equipped again, all that bureaucracy stuff was done and after some days of working, we couldn´t stay at home. Right after end of work we start again for a short trip to the Netherlands. With our still packed camper we went back to the sea. Back to the salty air and the relaxing days at the coast.
And we are already planning new journeys…

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